Now that’s more like it!

Today’s Words: 2,038
Total Word Count: 60,436 (!!!)

Finally! I’ve cracked the 60,000 words benchmark! What a long 20-odd days to get here, but at least I did. 

In celebration, I’m going to head off and buy an e-book I’ve been eyeing, and do some surfing.

I wrote in the morning and in the afternoon. Not just sitting around, fucking around on the computer, but actually writing. My surfing was a fraction of my normal surfing. Surfing=Bad! Even cleaned up the kitchen dishes and got a dog walk in there. 

I think being able to come here and post daily updates (and they will be daily) of my word count and other writing-related work will sort of replace what I’ve lost with NaNoWriMo. You could enter your word count daily and you could track your work and that of others on ever-growing bar graphs. It was rewarding watching the bars climb. As rewarding as watching the words grow.

I’ve proved that I can follow something through, day after day. It was my stopping to ‘celebrate’ right after I hit 50,000 that totally fucked me up. No more stopping. Every day. Hell-Or-High-Water.

Feels better, too, when it’s every day. Feels right. Feels natural. 

I may be writing crap, but at least I’ll have something to edit afterwards, instead of wishy-washy-wannabe writing.

PS: Does anyone know how to ‘lock’ the journal so that ‘Friends Only’ is the default for all posts, or all viewing? I’ve looked through the FAQ a little, but couldn’t find anything.

PPS: The LiveJournal spellchecker is pissing me off. Both ‘eyeing’ and ‘afterwards’ are correct, goddamnit.


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