Printing out the Draft

Doing much better today.

Yesterday’s word total reached 57,263 words, a measly 872 words of output. Shameful, stressful. Didn’t help that Todd and I spent the night eating leftover Christmas dinner (we had our family get-together on Sunday, so we had hot turkey sandwiches with salad and leftover stuffing) and then ‘ruining’ Christmas. We opened up our presents. Bad bunnies.

Today, however, I did write during the afternoon. I’m going to take a wee break, and try to get back to it.

Yesterday’s Word Count: 57,263
Today’s Word Count: 58,398
Written Today: 1,135

Not too shabby. 

I finished Chapter 14, started the next. Chapter 14 deviates from my previous ones in that it is a single long but important scene that features only my Main Character (MC), instead of the scene-hopping I do between my MC and other important characters as I follow the action on multiple fronts. I found myself getting stuck in that Chapter quite a few times, so I imagine it will be heavily rewritten in the next draft.

I also bought a stack of cheap copy paper to start printing out the draft copy. I already have over 200 double-spaced pages to print out, and will likely have over 300 pages when I am done. That’s gonna take a while to print.


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