New LJ!

And by new I mean very, very new … like, one entry new.

I’m friending this because I want to make a break from my ‘Ashtal’ livejournal, and all posts in the new journal will be Friends-Only. This is because the new journal, called , will focus almost entirely on my writing. Yeah, life-stuff will creep into there, but primarily it will be my tool to encourage, bitch out, tally up and talk about my writing.

Which, may bore people, I realize. 🙂

I’m not deleting this account, but neither will I be adding to it. I do use it, mostly to keep track of of you guys and your journals, which I do read, though post to infrequently.

If you are interested in reading it, drop on by and I will Friend you up. Geez, that sounds dirty, but in a platonic sort of way. 😉

Of course, not sure how that will work … if you are interested, perhaps you can post in the comments, and then I will add you as a Friend. I think. Or if anyone has a better idea on how to do this, let me know. My LJ-Fu is WEAK!


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