Jack has an aggressive carcinoma in the brain, which means there’s only one thing left.

He’s gotten tuna and milk tonight, and I will keep him in my bedroom with me for one last sleep cuddle. With Ginger around, he doesn’t sleep with us often, and while he’s been sick, not at all. Todd’s even going to solo in the spare bedroom so we can keep Ginger happy, too.

When I came home tonight, we found him sitting on the kitchen counter, looking normal as before, except for the biopsy wound. *sigh* I’m so grateful that he’s been ‘normal’ these last two days … but it’s making it harder to do what we have to do.

At 9:15 am tomorrow we bring him in for the last time. :<

I love ya, baby. You’re the first cat I ever got all on my own. You were such a challenge when I first got you, so unpredictable … but with attention and time, you grew into one of the most charismatic little sucks. I’ll miss you so much. I’m sorry you have to go so soon.


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