If you could see him …

… you’d wince.

I really need to get Todd to upload ‘Normal Jack’ and ‘After Biopsy Jack’. Right now he’s sorta crawling in circular patterns, moving a few inches, up to a foot, then plunking down. His eyes are wide, dilated. Tongue’s sticking out. His forehead is shaved, and there’s a near inch-long stitch in his head. We were shown x-rays of normal cats, and his x-rays, with the sinus cavities filled up and his head showing a hairline fracture (from the pressure of whatever is growing in there).

It’s not really likely that he’s going to be with me for more than a week. It’s possible that the biopsy will show that it’s something treatable … maybe. Or it may be a funky tumor. Maybe. I’ll know by Thursday.

In the meantime, I’m trying not to cry while I take my First Aid training test, failed to keep my composure a few times, though they didn’t occur in the middle of the session. And no answer about my Red Seal. Was told to call after 4:00 pm, called at 4:15, as soon as the training was done, left a message, waited. Their hours are until 5:30, but subsequent calls met with me being sent directly to her answering machine, and dialing ‘0’ got me nobody at all. Govermnent. Huh.

So, tomorrow I’m off, and I will be spending it with my sick cat, giving him codine in a sugar syrup, and waiting.


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