Remember Fun-Dips?

You know, those little paper packets that came with a candy stick and two flavors of candy powder, and you’d lick the stick and dab it into the powder and then lick the powder off?

Well, they come in longer packs with three flavors, and this particular one had chemicals claiming to be Tangerine, Cherry, and Grape. You even get two sticks now, since you were only ever to barely get through two flavor packs with one stick – no way you’re going to make it through three flavors!

It’s awesome. It was so good. I’ve wasted my entire morning so far since coming back from Stephanie’s Excellent Grocery Adventure, and I’ve puttered on the computer eating fun-dips and reading message boards.

Days off are wonderful.

Except when you should be studying!

* * * * *self-flagellation sequence …. intiated!* * * * *

“OW!” &*%#@!


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