Not Crazy! Or, A Visit To The Vets …

Ah, Jack, my rascally fat and snaggle-haired tabby.

Last week, during my week off, I noticed he was acting strangely. Minor stuff, but still strange:

* He wasn’t out and about too much, and normally he sleeps with us for some portion of the night and he hangs out in the general living area. He was basically hiding a lot.

* He was sleeping a LOT. I mean, a lot for a cat.

* He started having some third eyelid action going on in his right eye, with it sliding out over a third of his eye. At one point he just had his eye closed while he was still trying to watch the dog.

* He wasn’t looking ‘comfortable’ – wouldn’t relax when he was upstairs and sleep seemed elusive.

* The kicker: He was ‘kicking’ when he was kneading and purring on a blanket. He’s not a big kneader, and cats will purr when they are in pain, but when a back paw came sticking out and started … I dunno, shaking/rattling, my little alarm bells went off.

So I watched him for a few days, and the behavior was continuing, and then I called to make an appointment with the vet. Little bugger seemed to perk up immediately after that.

I brought him in and the vet checked him out, his heartbeat, his tummy, his eyeballs, his ears, his bum (thermometer) and said he seemed fine. He thought maybe it was a territorial thing … but I didn’t think so. Congo and him get on great, even grooming each other.

So, $65 later and nothing.

He was perking up, but still not 100%. He was visiting more often, though, and seeking out affection and our bed at night. I leaned over to give him a noggin scratch and that’s when I found it: a bump. Above his left eye.

No blood or anything (ever) so I’m guessing he whacked himself really, really good. I’m sort of annoyed that the vet didn’t catch it, but then again, I didn’t find it for a week. I should have realized something was amiss when throughout the vet check-up he didn’t really squirm or anything (normal) except when the vet was trying to check out his eyes (MUCH squirming and a meow or two).

So we’re back to keeping an eye on him, but he is getting better. He’s sleeping normally, he’s affectionate. The bump is still there, but I guess it’s not causing him any pain … or at least not as much.

Weird little bugger.

(I’m just thankful that I’m not crazy – something was up, it’s just, so far, turned out to be nothing I can really do anything about.)


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