Oh fer fuck’s sakes …

I just finished yelling at the dog.

See, I’m home all week because of my ‘vacation’ to take that new drug for the Cancer test. Blahblah. Anyways, Ginger hasn’t had someone at home for this long in a very long time, and she’s getting a little weird. She’s been crying to go outside, but I can’t leave her unattended since she’s figured out that the snow is high enough to allow her to jump the fence and get into the neighbor’s yard. So she’s crying all the time to go out, whether for pee or play. I’ve been telling her no, and desparately trying to get my homework done for the Red Seal test.

So I came upstairs to check my email and I saw a yellow puddle in the middle of the upstairs hallway. She’s in the other room, so I call her out and give her hell for peeing, since she’d been out the hour before.

I go and get the paper towels, after putting her in her crate, and then head back to the mess. There’s a lot of splatter, which is unusual, but I start cleaning.

And then I feel a drop land on my wrist.

She didn’t pee.

The HOUSE peed.

Or, at least, it’s dripping from a LIGHT FIXTURE hanging out from the ceiling.

Seriously … I’ve had enough! We’ve had a shitstorm of bad luck lately and I want it to STOP.


I apologized to the dog. :p


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