Alright, something substantial:

Okay, besides my good news (see below), here’s a snippet of stuff:

* Todd and I have ‘switched’ – our computers, that is. I’ve long loved my laptop, a cute little number that I picked up during the summer of 2003 when I was at Deerhurst and horribly computer-deprived. I bought it for my writing, my cooking, my web-surfing, and my video game playing (lame, eh?). I had Todd sell my desktop (which had really become this hulking elephant in our shared office/second bedroom) which led to the eventual shedding of my writing book collection and the ancient metal desk I had picked up on the cheap years before – so glad I never have to move that beast again! One of the best things about the laptop was that it took up very little room (though I was always paranoid about it getting stolen) and I was able to use a voice-program to talk to Todd through the web, greatly reducing our long-distance charges!

But since then, I’ve had just about every program crammed onto it and taken off, and recently it was crammed to brimming with all the CDs I could fit into it. I had run out of room! Meanwhile, Todd has been sniffing around, wanting to use the laptop for work when he goes to visit clients (his programs were taking up space, too!). And since I don’t use the laptop all that often, we decided to switch computers. His desktop is now snuggly fit into my office (which means I can play my games again – never liked his dark office), and he has free reign with my laptop. I’m listening to iTunes with the spiffy destop speaker system as I type.

* Weatherwise we finally got some snow – like what we should have accumulated in the first two months of winter arriving all at once. It’s really a flashback to my youth, where snowbanks were higher than a kid, if not an adult, the roads are at least a car-lengths narrower, the snowplows erect massive, immpassible drifts in your driveway, etc. Todd got his mother’s car stuck trying to leave yesterday and we were very thankful to have inherited a snowblower just days before all the snow fell. Don’t get me wrong – we had snow, nice little covering of it, but nothing serious. This was serious, and my first real, hard-core winter driving experience was indeed challenging, though managed.

* Ginger is cute, though one of her puppy pictures never did get posted on Bastards. Cute, fuzzy bastards. 😀 She stopped responding to commands for a couple of months, but has become very good and obedient about them now. She’s still not allowed out of her crate when we leave the house, but we’ll try again soon, as I don’t want to have to crate her for her entire life. So far, she hasn’t gone after any new furniture. Whew.

* Work is work, and our staff is even slimmer than before. Suzanne has left to go teach high schoolers cooking at the college (a pilot project, where the little buggers get everything provided for them, knives and uniforms included!), Jen jad asked to be laid off (didn’t want to work at all, even on large parties, and has since become pregnant *sigh*), Sonya only wants to work weekends (which, I can see … you don’t want to come in for three hours of work when the cab from Copper Cliff costs $20), and Shawna and Marlena have been let go (the former is still on welfare, and the latter is working elsewhere, but not a huge loss … though she may resurface). Leaving me, Anita, and Mark. And Brenda in the mornings, but she’s been getting so many shifts at her other place that she’s asking for more time off, too. No one get sick now, y’hear? Thankfully, it’s slow, but it makes it tight for parties. I hope he starts looking for help in the next month or so – get them in now so they can be trained in time for summer! *sigh*

* I think I like First Person Shooters. I sort of discovered Call of Duty 2 and I kinda like it (and I’m not all that bad at it). We’ve been playing multiplayer at a computer game store recently, and it’s been a blast. Makes me think of my Grandfather sometimes. He was in Northern Africa during the 40s, IIRC. He’s gone now, but whenever I see a war movie, or when I was in the game in the desert city maps, I think of him.

* This is the second of my two days off. In a row. Seems like a small thing, but if you ever are in the position of working shifting schedules, you’ll lose all sense of what day it is and two days off in a row become a real treat. Most of January saw my days off taken up by the butcher, so I was luck if I had a single day off – meant that the month just blew past in a flurry of activity and beef carcasses. The owner seemed to like me, and said to keep in touch, ‘just in case’. I had fun and I learned a lot. Nothing like removing the pelvic bone from a hip of beef! And just seeing how everything is connected, how the muscles run, the morphology of the bones. Oops, some anthropology sneaking in there …

Okay, back to listening to Heart and maybe playing the Sims 2 before I get serious this afternoon with that exam breakdown …


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