More tests …

… and not the fun, “I’m going to get my Red Seal!” kind, either.

I had my yearly appointment with the Cancer Center last week. Normally it takes a while, first to register, then to wait, then to be weighed and then called to wait in a different room. This time it was even longer than usual, with me being in the exam room for about a half hour before the doctor came in. He’s a new doctor for me – they are transfering all the thyroid patients over to him – and he’s really going over my file.

He wants all new tests. I’m getting another chest x-ray (they stopped that two years ago), I’m getting an ultrasound in my neck (haven’t had one since the diagnosis process before my surgery), and a new test, to check for trace elements of cancer.


You would have thought that they would have done this … I dunno … after surgery or something. But instead of the iradiated pill therapy (I think), I’m going to get this $1500 injection that will fool my body (into something) and give them a reading on what’s going on in my throat. The upside is that my drug plan will pay for it, if they deem it necessary (no, I’m asking to take it for kicks …), and that if they don’t, another agency will.

The downside is that there is a 10% chance of getting really sick while I’m on it. Severe headaches, nausea, and vomitting.

Considering how great my chances were the last time around (“Oh, it’s a small chance that it’s anything serious.” … “Oh, it’s a 5% chance that it’s cancer.” …) I’ve decided to pre-emptively take care of it by requesting a week off. I take two injections, on a Monday and Tuesday, and then they take a blood sample on the Friday. I can’t really in good conscious not take the week off – if I don’t and I do get sick, it will screw up the schedule at work.

So, worst case scenario, I’m taking a week off to be sick. Best case scenario, I’m taking a week off to study for my Red Seal test. On Thursday I’m bringing my book into work for him to sign off. If he doesn’t sign it off, then my whole vacation request may be moot anyhow.

Gah … I feel like vomitting just thinking about it all.


5 thoughts on “More tests …

  1. Good luck with all the tests (medical and otherwise)

    By the way, your name came up recently on the new incarnation of the International Communist Conspiracy forum, just wanted to make sure you had a current link:

    It’s actually experiencing a burst of activity. Squirrel Nutkin is in now and so is DayKnight.
    (SN posted something about all of his health problems and such (mental and physical) over the years has finally been attributed to thyroid trouble, thought you might relate to that!)

  2. Sounds like a good test to get done, and hopefully you escape the nasty side-effects. I can only image how stressful it is to have to go through all the tests and wait for results, but I will be hoping for the best for you, and looking forward to you being able to relax with more confidence after it is all done.

    1. Thanks. It is stressfull. Again, best case scenario, I do the tests and don’t hear anything until my next visit in July. I imagine if I get a call before then, I’ll be going mental with worry.

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