I don’t post anything for a month, and look what happens? The user interface has gotten all neat-o, and stuff.

I’ll have to flit around here and see what’s new. Hmmm…

Anyways, life has been jumpy lately. Almost accepted a job at another restaurant, though it was part-time starter. I’ve had several fights with John lately, and I am currently enjoying a reduced schedule. And I’m not being facetious … having all these nights off and still catching about 30 hours a week. Suits me fine after all the hours this summer. Stress free, and less John!

And a friend of mine from high school called me up out of the blue, and we’re going out for dinner on Thursday. I’ve thought about her on and off as the years have gone by, and I’m pretty excited about meeting up with her again. I mean, it could just be weird, with the two of us slurping our drinks in quiet uncomfort and waiting for the night to end. Or maybe we’ll sit down and it will be just a day after Grad, and nothing’s changed. It’s going to be a very new experience for me; I’ve never kept in contact with any high school friends. Not really. Brian I ran into again at the screening of LotR:F and we’re buds. (He’s in Texas now, working as an intern at a game company!). And Dave, whom I’ve known since Grade 5 and who I believe is somewhere, married, in Waterloo(ish?). Anything else has been accidental.

So, neat.

Hostex was cool, too. Bought some knives. And some books. Visiting T.O. and Brent and Marcia and Maggie was also cool. Ginger was an absolute angel with Maggie and with their house, and the car! She was great. As I type, she is holed up in a crate at the Vet’s after her spay today. The house is crazy quiet without her, but tomorrow she comes home.

Alright, time to play with the new interface. Woot!


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