Playing Catch-Up

Sitting in my housecoat on the bed at the moment. Ginger is somewhere on her own, probably precariously perched on the oversized living room chair that’s pushed up against the window.

And I think I dreamed about making quiche last night.

Being an avowed egg-hater, it came as a surprise to me the other week when I discovered that I loved quiche. We had to make it from scratch for that food from around the world evening. We did mini-quiche, mini-Coquille St. Jacque, a Duck a l’Orange appetizer, and Crepe Suzettes. Other local restaurants had different regions, and they did a fraction of the cooking we did. Hell, the guy who scored his Red Seal after working at the place I used to (and was sure that such a thing was not possible there) came back into our kitchen to stand there and cut feta cheese for a half hour for the Greek booth! Feh.

Anyway, I made the dough using a recipe that I have from a CIA technique book, with egg, and it was classic Quiche Lorraine, and it was so good. I could have eaten them all night.


No entries lately, because I’ve been journaling a great deal in my paper journal. I have this yen to finish it off, so that I can get a new book. But I have fifty odd pages to go (it’s small, but compact!) and I still have a full-sized journal that I stopped using when I went to Deerhurst (and where I wanted something smaller and less obvious). I need to finish that one. Heh, when I go back to read all of these, I’ll have three books to read from simultaneously for a three year period! I’m counting my e-journal in that trio.


One week to go until I’m on vacation for nine whole days! I’m assuming my days off will be split up next week, since instead of waiting to start the vacation until the Sunday (the start of our pay period), I’m leaving on the Saturday. So, John might give me the Saturday and another day during the week, or maybe he’ll give me two days off plus the Saturday. I’m trying to think of what’s going on next week … Thursday has stuff … Wednesday is the Ladies Business Opening Dinner … we’ll see I suppose.

We have the honkin’ Thanksgiving Day double header on Sunday; brunch and then dinner. Brunch numbers are low, less than 50, but we’re hitting close to 120 for dinner. Usually those numbers are reversed. He’s already said he will give Brenda’s little helper the day off – which I expected, because she doesn’t like to work weekends and figured she would try to get out of it. Oh, and Brenda is going on about how hard it is to get everything done with the two of them. We’re starting to slow down, though, and still I walk in at 11:00 am or noon to see them hanging around, not really doing anything! And meanwhile, stuff is missing on the line or the produce shipment hasn’t been put away. This is still partly John’s fault, though, since he doesn’t staff enough to do any prep during the slow part of the afternoon. And when we’re there, we’re expected to get the next party ready. They will also bypass doing line prep in order to do buffet work – they are there to prep the line, not buffet.

But will John correct them? No.

Even today, he’s having me come in an hour early to do the order for Sysco. Will Brenda let me do it? Who knows. She tends to take over any administrative jobs that appear in the kitchen, even though she doesn’t know what we need or how fast we go through stuff. I warned John that she might not let me do it, and then later when directing me about the shrimp, he said, “Now, will you be doing this or will someone else be doing it?” And I said, “John, if you tell me to do something, and I tell that to Anita or Mark, they respect that. Brenda doesn’t.” And, quite frankly, if he’s not going to have a pair and tell her how to do her job, I sure as hell am not going to do it, because regardless of what I say or how I say it, she takes it the wrong way. Whatever.


I’ve also lost the car. Well, I still have it, but Todd’s driving it again. The summer of having his brother’s truck is officially at an end, so I am back to bussing it. It means I can really get some use out of my ipod mini, though the itrip radio tuner makes it fun for the car, too. Knowing I can listen to any CD I own, wherever I am, gives me a giddy thrill every time I turn it on. Hee!


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