Closer than I’d rather …

I’m driving Todd’s brother’s truck.

Not by choice: you see, he’s heading down to the convention that I was supposed to go to, but didn’t get the time off for. He was supposed to take his Dad’s car, but his dad was running late. So the big plan was for me to drive into work, for Todd to drive the truck to work, take the car, leave the truck, and meet his Dad in Parry Sound (Dad was also in Toronto, and was coming back home). They would switch cars, and his Dad would drive back to the club, drop off the car, and then take the truck.

Well, 2:00 pm came and I was off work and there was only the truck, so I had to drive it. I’ve never driven it before, and was totally scared and pissed off abotu the whole thing. So I’m driving very slowly. I come to the corner of Walford and Paris, as per normal, and wait for the light to change. It changes, and I have the right of way verses the cars going the opposite way, who are all turning without the benefit of a turn light, and so must wait for me. I very tentitively start forward, because I’ve been driving the truck for all of five minutes, and as I’m heading into the intersection, this Red Cherokee blasts through the red and nearly smashes into me!

Edit: I should clarify here. If I had been driving the Alero, I would have been more confident, and moving faster, and would have been farther into the intersection, right in the guy’s path. He would have hit me in the driver’s side bang on (pardon the pun). Being in, and scared of driving, the truck saved my little caboose.


Like I needed that. :p

Got home, and his Dad has just called: he’s only now into town. I’m hanging out for a bit, and then I’ll be heading in. I was supposed to go and get some stuff for work, but I don’t know if I will or not. I’m also waiting for an MP3 player to come in, and wanted to get it this afternoon. I should call and see if it’s in.

And for the next day and a half, it’s me and the dog, solo! While I miss all the fun in T.O. :p


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