Jagged Little … Pills

I’m on the second day of two days off, and I have a list of things to do.

We picked up a moveable kitchen cart, which is fantastic, since moving my old dinner table into the living room to make a new safe area for the cat food means I have really no space to do any prep-cooking in the kitchen. That I’m going to try and assemble today while Ginger takes some crate time.

I’m also going to go through my expanding file-folder. It sits on top of my filing cabinet, and junk sort of all ends up in it instead of being filed away. Plus there is a bend I have to hammer out of the top shelf. Tonight I’m whipping up the dumplings I was supposed to make yesterday but didn’t because the filling hadn’t defrosted enough.

If I have enough time, or, like, the somehow time moves backwards and I find myself with an extra day, I’m going to start tackling a re-org of my kitchen. Yeah, right. 🙂

On a news note: The National had a feature about a ‘new’ use for birth control, essentially suppressing periods for a pre-determined about of time. You had the two camps on the news, those who say it’s offering women a choice, and those who think that it’s stripping away something natural and part of womanhood.

Quite frankly, in an era where we already mess with fertility by choice, and monkey with menopause to treat symtoms of discomfort, why would modifying our periods be any different? It is annoying, it is discomfort, it is messy. I never had this glorious, teary-eyed “I am a woman!!!!” moment when I had my first period. It was more of an, “Ah, dang!” moment. (Not an ‘oh shit’ or ‘oh damn’, since I was only 11.) They were irregular, disruptive, and sometimes quite painful. I have always sworn up and down that if I ever had the option I would stop having them altogether. In the feature, they showed that this particular use of the drug was packaged to give a woman only four periods over the course of a year. They had a doctor talking about the general use of suppression who suppressed her own periods for over 8 years.

Sounds wonderful to me! Not sure if it’s available in Canada, but if it is, I wonder if my doctor would go for it.

Also, received a wedding invitation from my ex-fiancee and his girlfriend, a woman who was once very close to me. We’re not close anymore. I can count on my one hand the number of times I’ve spoken to them in the last several years, and they were chance meetings. I’m … not really sure what to think of it. I wish them the best.


2 thoughts on “Jagged Little … Pills

  1. Anonymous

    Love reading your journal

    Good stuff kid. Dad was just complaining today that he is afraid he is beginning to forget what you look like. hehehe

  2. Anonymous

    wedding invitation

    Dad and I got one too, so did Sam. I didn’t want to say anything to you because I didn’t know how you would feel about it.


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