One Week Later …

The last two days, Todd and I have actually gotten some sleep. The pooch has made both literal and figurative leaps and bounds since then. She’s about nine-weeks-old now, which means she would have been born in the last week of May (or so).

On Potty Training: The first few days were good, and then the next few a mixed bag. We were mis-interpreting her behavior, and she was taking advantage of it. What was the 2:30 am pee-break would sometimes turn into the 2:30 grass-chewing break. We’re crate training her, so she has to let us know when she needs to pee. But she would also rather be on our bed, so for the first few nights, there was much crying. But now, we tire her out before bed, put her in her crate, and she settles right away. We don’t talk to her when she’s crying, and she’s picked up on that pretty quick.

On The Out-of-Doors: She loves it, big surprise, since we picked her up from a farm. Now, picture it, Todd and I had gone on the Tuesday to see the dogs, and verify that this one was the one we wanted. We were to then pick her up on Thursday. Well, I did, ’cause Todd was working. Anyways, we were trying to settle on a name, and suddenly one game to me, “Ginger”. Ginger for her color. Ginger for the foodstuff (geekery for me). Ginger for “Gingersnaps”, the werewolf movie (geekery for Todd and me). Todd wasn’t sold on it. I go to pick her up, and one of the larger dogs on the farm had just killed one of the turkeys, and wouldn’t you know it that this little rug-rat was chomping down on some turky neck and feathers. “Yeah,” I said to myself, “you’re a Ginger.” So she loves being outside, chewing and hunting and rooting and eating and rolling and all sorts of cute, silly stuff.

On Food: We switched her to puppy food right away (they had been feeding her on a mix of adult dog food) and she likes it. She also likes the treats we’ve bought her. We have to do a little bribery when Todd and I are trying to eat, else she begs. She actually got at one of my apples today.

On Tricks: She’s picked up sit very quickly. I can even get her to do it without a treat. We’re trying to teach her ‘jump’, ‘stay’ and ‘come’, but it’s a two-person job, and Todd and I haven’t been home together much.

On Toys: We’ve blown a ton of money on her already, and we’ll have to do it again when she gets bigger, since she can’t keep the old toys! But her favorite is a heavy-corded ball with tiny rattlely things inside. It’s a cat toy, actually, but she loooooooooooooooves it.

Oooh, she just farted. Stinky.

On Fur: Over the course of a week, her fur has started to change. She’s getting bigger, sure, and her legs are getting longer, but her fur is starting to darken along her back and tail, a chocolately brown, and her whip-like curled tail is starting to get shaggy. We think she may be a husky-lab cross, and wondered if she would stay short haired for her entire life. I am starting to suspect not. 😉

On Cats: Jack was right in there from the beginning, day one. Facinated, at least at three feet away. They’ve gotten closer; one time they were face to face, and Jack was a hair’s breadth away from licking her ears, but then he realized he was being watched and stopped. There has been fighting, and Ginger learned how to bark three days ago, but for the most part, it’s good. Congo has been more hand’s off, but has not been the hermit I expected. He comes up when she’s quiet or sleeping. I think Jack’s attitude with the dog has helped Congo’s attitude with the dog. All is going very well so far.

I miss having a straight 8-hours of sleep, but the three of us seem to be adjusting so far. 🙂


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