Why do I blog?

Part of it … heck, a large part of it, is laziness. Before blogging, I would spend enough time repeating myself to internet friends, answering the basic question, “What’s New?” over and over again.

And the other part of it … still boils down to laziness, really. I can type so much faster than I can write, and get so much more of myself down on the ‘page’, whether it’s real or electronic.

That’s left me with a bit of a mess, tho’. I’ve begun printing out my entries so that I can have a hard copy of all my posts. My journal could poof tomorrow, and I’d sorely miss a great deal of the stuff. I think my journal was at it’s best when I was in school, chronicling my experience learning to cook, but it still fulfills the first lazy reason of existence, so I keep hacking it out.

Life, meanwhile, has been unrelentingly hot for the last week. 34 degrees. And that’s outside – we’re not even getting into adding the heat of the kitchen on to that. I haven’t been sleeping well for the last week, making me groggy, slow and grumpy. Todd’s even suggested getting a small air conditioner from the upper floor. New work shoes, that I began wearing yesterday, left me crippled at the end of an 8.5 hour shift. Not looking forward into getting into that pair again …

Right now I’m trying to catch some relaxing, rejuvenating moments before heading into work. I have Thursday and Friday off again, and I am really, REALLY looking forward to just vegging.

Edit: The reason I wrote this post was after thinking about why I write thanks to a thread on Nothingland, where many claim that the obvious reason is narcissism. I’d like to think it’s not JUST that. 😉


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