Nocturnal Visitor

Well, life contines on as usual.

Except for the fact that I just heard the neighbors talking about a bear being on the street!

At least, that’s what it sounds like. We live sandwiched between two homes owned by the same extended families. One is at the other’s house, and their driveway/porch area is very close to the window where this laptop is stationed at. I was clicking and typing away when I heard them talking rather excitedly about a bear that came by early this morning: “It was in so-and-so’s yard.” “All that noise this morning?”

And here I was, just the other day, listening to the radio about people seeing bears and thinking, “boy, glad I live downtown!”

You have to picture Sudbury. It’s got over 100,000 people, but we’re really spread out. Even the downtown core is surrounded by very green houses/yards/and bush proper when you get out from the more heavily concentrated buildings.

Meanwhile, after hearing all the bear tales, I go look outside to check the yard, and notice that the bird feeder isn’t on the tree – and last night’s winds weren’t bad enough to knock it off. I go outside and there it is on the ground.

It’s one of those feeders where the top twists off and you add your seed. But the top was on. The push in, solid click bottom (I had a hard time reinserting it) was wrenched off, and not a scrap of seed was on the ground. I just filled it up two days ago. o.O

Will bears eat bird seed?

Edit. Apparently, they do: Huh! Guess I have to pull that others stuff inside. MEEP! Sorry, birds!


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