Vacation’s Over … *sniffle*

But I have lots of pictures of artifacts, fish heads, and wheels of cheese to remind me of the good times. šŸ˜‰

John said he missed me this last week, and not to expect much time off. Huh. We’ll see about that.

Beyond that, slipping into the old routines. I had today off, after a horribly boring day at work yesterday (no event to prep for, no real business, boooooooooooring), and we went to see Revenge of the Sith again, which we caught on Friday night in Toronto when we met up with Marcia. I semi-napped. It’s alright, better than the other two, but I just saw it yesterday, ya? And now I’m curling up with my book for some serious reading.

Yeah, nothing too exciting. The trip was great, if not a little loney with Todd taking the course. However, he thinks he did well and I got to spend four hours in the ROM, which would have been impossible to do with him there. The Art Gallery is mostly closed but it’s Massive Change exhibit is not to be missed (if you are in the area). Other than that, my significant treasures will be the 300 or so piccies I snipped, some clothes I picked up on sale, and a Cordon Bleu techniques book – I feel fairly confident that I can gut and de-bone a fish, now! If I could figure out how to post pictures (either through this service, or getting Todd to put them on the server), I’d post some of the interesting ones.

OOh, and favorite new cheese: MANCHEGO! I tried a piece in Kensington. It’s imported from Spain. Heavenly!


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