Survivor Musings & Work Annoyances

Watching one of my favorite shows, Survivor, which was delayed, I think, because the US President decided to placate American fears of the price of oil. Uh-huh. Oooookay. Unless you take over Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East, I’m not sure how he’s going to make things better. If they’ve got you by the balls, they’ve got you by the balls.

And speaking of balls, Stephanie of Survivor really has to grab the curlies of this tribe if she’s gonna last. She has to mobilize the girls (which it looks like is the plan, based on the ads) to outnumber the guys – who are all lying to her face. And the other girls have to realize, like every other Survivor show, the guys will always turn on the girls in a bi-gender alliance. The only exception was the pair from Australia, Colby and Tina, who were a two-some that hooked up for the express purpose of the unlikelihood of their partnership. But in every other case the woman break down, vote for a guy, and then the guys take them out. Some of the folks at work (women among them) think that women, in general, are too catty to bring it all the way. There may be some truth to that, but I think it just breaks down along different, but similar lines. In the last survivor, the women were doing a bang-up job, but then the split between the younger group and the older group became too great, and the older set figured they would try their luck with the guys. It’s the clique system of sex/age/race/class/oddball (I’m thinking the difference between Angie from this season, as well as Crazy Singing Motto Lady, for example), and in this game you see it played out over and over. Occasionally you see surprises: When Bobby John voted out Ibrahim, I was surprised. I expected him to pick Stephanie. But you can see how these sets pair up against each other and the definite pecking order. Or maybe I’m reading too much into this. The gender sets seem to bear out each time.

Hee! Stephanie just bought a fries, burger and coke with Karen! Sweet! Good choice ladies! It’s so fun watching them go nuts over food. The nameless blond bid and won an ice cream sunday, and she was shaking so hard as she tasted it, picked it up, and chewed on the cookies. Lots of dancing/hugging/crying.

Tomorrow I’m back in to work. We have another Friday Night Buffet, but at least it’s at or over 25 people. 😉 Hopefully Mark actually got something done tonight. On top of that, in my last day in (Wednesday), John decides we’re going to do the inventory of the freezer. Fine, except that inventory is on the first, and we’ll have to redo all that work anyways to get accurate numbers! *massages temples* And now he’s talking about bringing me in on the Inventory Day. You only need two people to do inventory, Tina, the Food & Beverage manager, and one person. Usually they have John there, and Mark. John sort of watches, and weighs sometimes, while Mark moves things around. And the few times he’s brought me in, instead of letting me do it, Mark does it, and I just stand there. And then John had the gall to say last night that he was doing all this so I “wouldn’t look stupid” when I was there on Sunday.

Inventory is NOT rocket science. But neither is it a group effort. Besides which, on those other days, Mark and Tina would work alone and John and I would work on the line fridges to get the work done more quickly. And the only one making me look stupid is John – who only has to say, “Mark, Steph’s going to do this instead.” That’s all he has to say! And just to toot my own horn, I did a good job of cleaning out the two thirds of the freezer we did manage to get through last night in the hour and a half we had.

Add-On: Okay, Karen is officially stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. If she screws up this vote, and Steph goes home, I will applaud when they vote Karen’s ass out at the first opportunity.


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