Sequence of Events

8:20 – Arrive home with The Boy after a whacky day of work. It’s warm, so we decide to open the windows on the main floor.

8:25 – I open all three living room windows, two side windows and the front window.

8:26 – Jack moves to the side window, on the wall that closely faces the neighbor’s fence, and Congo takes the front window.

8:30 – I go to make some dinner, griping about work and being relieved that I am home.

8:35 – Congo’s making growly/upset noises at the front window. I make a remark.

8:37 – I’ve sat down with my dinner, and Congo’s getting really ornery, and I go to the window. “It’s just a cat! There are tons in the neighborhood. Don’t get your furry panties in a bunch.” I look out the window to see which neighborhood cat it is.

8:38 – It’s Jack.

8:39 – I freak. “Jack’s outside!!!” Todd says, “What?? How??” “I don’t know!” I head out the front door while Todd heads out the back. “JACK!” I call, as he’s ducked around the side of the building. “JACK!” He pops his head around the corner. “Get in the house!” He slinks over to the front door, and then for a second he puffs up his chest like he’s on the prowl (merrow!). “Don’t be ballsy, now. Get in!” He scoots in, admonished but happy to be safe inside.

I immediately suspected that he had pushed out one of the screens – I had a cat a long time ago that did just that, and all three cats got out into the neighborhood one night and it was hours before we had discovered them gone. (It’s quiet … TOO quiet.) Sure enough, the one that Jack went to was open … as in, I had opened the wrong side, assuming that both windows opened with a screen and this one did not. Thank goodness Congo saw him outside! He might have been out there all night, or worse. We might not have noticed him missing for hours, either. He’s gone ‘hiding’ on us a couple of times, which is unusual cause he’s so people oriented, but since he’s pulled two really good ‘hidings’ lately, we might not have gone looking for him for a while.

A big “WHEW.”


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