Seems that yesterday’s 10th anniversary thing was NEXT Tuesday, not this Tuesday, but at least we discovered it in the car after a ‘gussy-up’ and well before arriving extremely early for the event. No matter – we did some grocery shopping, checked out Home Depot & Home Sense, dropped off the goods and went back out for dinner.

Ripe was nice. Not the orgasmic experience that Respect was last time, but nice. We were given a table by the open brick oven work area, and I watched the two cooks there for most of the time (a bad habit, I know). I had the pesto and olive tapanade pizza, which was alright, though not as salty as I expected, considering it also had parmasean and proscutto. Todd had a really nice stuffed chicken breast. We each indulged in dessert (him a cappucino cheesecake covered in ganache and me a chocolate truffle lava cake, which could have been hotter) and our corn fritter appetizer was nice. Meanwhile, the two kids at the work station drove me to distraction. The girl was proceeding slow and methodically, all the while chatting up the other guy who was cleaning – sort of. He’d scrub an area of wall and then stand there and talk and talk. And when it was his turn to do some cooking (as she’d gone somewhere), he would bumble back and forth a bit, and when taking out a pizza or a dish from the brick oven, would leave it on the counter overly long (in fact, one appetizer came out, a creamy hot dip, and he didn’t have the tools around to get it out so he left it on the counter instead of putting it under the heat lamp when he left the station to find what he needed).

Today I’m back at work. The next three days are our last few functions before the week-long idle period. Which may or may not be idle, depending on how desparate the slobbering golfers are to press their faces against the windows and mentally will the grass to turn green and pine mournfully in the interim while eating steak. A closing dinner tonight, a choice dinner for a small party tomorrow, and construction workers on Friday, IIRC.

Saturday I’m off (wicked!) and Todd and I are setting that up to be a ‘house’ day of yard work, tidying, and a nice home-cooked dinner.

About Gomery and Politics, a few thoughts:

1) It’s absolutely gutless, after howling for a week during the publication ban about how Canadians deserve to know and how horrible everything is, to say when the testimony is revealed that they will “wait and see what the Canadian people think about toppling the government.” Isn’t that the point of an election? Or are you just covering your asses because you’re afraid that if you do it, they’ll be gunning for you? If you believe the government should come down, stand by it and push for it. To me it seems like they are waiting for other people to tell them, “yes, it’s ‘wrong enough’, go ahead.” That doesn’t scream ‘conviction’ to me, it mumbles ‘opportunist’ and we have enough of those in government, thankyouverymuch.

2) I’d like to see the inquiry finish. The next guys after the ‘bomb’ contradicted the guy’s testimony, and neither the accountant, nor the investigators, could find any such transactions recorded. Let it play out ’til the finish so we can know for sure who to flo.

3) I can understand not wanting to vote for the Liberals again. Or wanting to be a Liberal candidate. But crossing over to the PCs seems a stupid move. If you haven’t agreed with their policies before, why would you put them in power now? I’m not saying abstain from voting, either, but why not switch to a party more in line with your beliefs, like the NDP? I’ve never gotten the idea of ‘punisment voting’ – they only person you’ll punish is yourself by getting a government that’s not going to go after what you believe needs to be done.

And kudos for getting the Same-Sex bill through its first vote.


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