Industrious Mornings

I’ve managed to keep myself out of trouble and off the computer (as I am newly bitched to Sims 2, with the University expansion – JOY!) on my day off, today.

This morning, after an early rise, I had Todd drop me off at the grocery store to get that really nifty mozzarella I like so much for pizza – as that’s tonight’s dinner for us and the guys. Having recently given up trying to GM in favor of letting the guys just play every week, and I’m here if I’m here, I can now concentrate on doing what I really want to do when I’m off on a game night – cook. Gonna try out those new pizza pans, too.

After coming home and doing a tidy, I started on my seedlings. I have about twenty varities, which include:

Curly Parsley
Italian Parsley
Sweet Basil
Lemon Basil
Purple Basil
Thai Basil
Summer Savory
Lemon Balm
Sweet Marjoram
Garlic Chives

I bought a rosemary bush last year that’s still with me, though I don’t usually harvest anything from it. It’s not been growing too much this winter, though after a shot of food, I have some new branches growning.

Anyways, that took up nearly all of my morning, followed by more cleaning, and then getting my dough together for tonight (it’s rising on the warm stovetop now) and lunch, which consisted of an instant soba noodle soup that I jazzed up with some shrimp, snap peas, green peppers, red chili flakes, some garlic and ponzu sauce. Yummy! I also checked the ingredients – pretty healthy stuff.

In work news, I picked up this SWEET, SWEET knife the other day! A MAC Knife guy that used to work in the kitchen there was visiting the club with his family, and John told him I was looking for a new knife. I ended up getting a ‘floor model’ for half price, and it’s just the kind I wanted, a Santoku! *drooldrooldrool*

Lunch was yum, I have a small bit of cola in the fridge, so I may play my game, or I may veg with a book. I’m going to start picking out good group meals for the guys and I think for next time, I’m going to try and make some Chex Mix snack stuff, prolly spicy!

PS: I never updated regarding the shower. It’s in now, and it’s lovely – with room enough for two! 😉


2 thoughts on “Industrious Mornings

    1. No idea.

      I think it’s only a color variation, but don’t quote me on that.

      I do look forward to trying it out, tho’. 🙂 Lemon obviously has lemon aspects, and I believe the Thai is spicy, which Todd will like.

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