Day After Anniversery Of Birth

Yeah. 32. Woot.

The haul was sweet. After having the day to myself, playing the Sims 2 in anticipation of Sam getting me the new expansion pack, I went out with Todd to supervise his gift purchases (“I want to make sure you get what you want!” and “Plus I don’t have to wrap it!”). We went to the local kitchen/restaurant supply store where I picked up quite a few nifties: a new baking sheet (should have picked the smaller one, but it still fits in my oven!), two pizza screens, a new larger heavy-bottomed skillet, and several Paderno cooking utensils – now that I have the new skillet, I am officially retiring my non-stick and the flimsy, near useless plastic utensils. OUT! OUT FOUL DEMONS!

After that, we went to my parent’s place for dinner, roasted chicken, and more presents. The above-mentioned expansion pack, Sims University, from Sam, and from my parents, a new tri-light for my reading room and a lovely, old-school pasta machine. Sweet!

Mom actually said, “You’re probably getting sick of kitchen toys.”

Uh, NO!


Meanwhile, as fantastic as my new work developments have been (two posts down – kinda big, if you haven’t read it yet), they are tempered with the return of Ms. Insanity Girl to our fold. So far, it’s only on weekends when we’re busy, but she wasted no time in ratcheting up the whacky and sowing her seeds of chaos and ineptitude all over the kitchen. She mutilated my Pasta Shells, creating a bland, chunky version of what is supposed to be blended ricotta and cream cheese, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, herbs and every cheese I can cram in there and above and beyond that not even stuffing the shell but squashing it on top of the opening, and then she made a soup.

But this soup … this soup … she took every vegetable she could find, blitzed it to death in the food processor before it even hit the pot, and then did the same to chicken AND pork … and added stuff to it. She was going to toss our alfredo sauce into it, but thankfully Anita stopped her. But the soup was not usable. In the end, after a group agonizing session after she left, Anita strained the soup in an atttempt to salvage the base broth.

Le sigh.

And John asks why we are letting her do it.

John … she doesn’t listen to us. She WON’T listen to us.

And, quite frankly, we are not her boss.

On top of that, the two days she was in were like a nuclear strike on his mood. He was fine one minute, then the mood swing hit and we were all under fire, taking cover and waiting for it to blow over. It did, but after several hours both days she was on and generally after she had left, but it was the most over the top he’d been in months.

That would be around the last time she was with us. 🙂

My work is nothing, if not not challenging.


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