Sharp As A Needle, and Other Things

Got suckered in on another Read-Only mode, and lost yesterday’s post.

Yesterday I managed to drop one of Congo’s needles. I was trying to hold it to insert it into the insulin container. Used to having steel-toed shoes, I watched to see where it fell.

My foot. Of course.

It landed on the left side of my right food, sticking straight out like some comedy skit. I leaned down and had to give it a good tug to remove it – I think it pinged the bone. At least it didn’t have either a) cat insulin, or b) cat juice in it. 🙂

And the Epic of the Shower continues. Last night after I got home, Shaun, our handyman, discovered a hand-length crack in the base of the shower stall. So we took pictures, went back to the Home Depot, and arranged to have a new one dropped off and the old one returned. This morning, Shaun and I moved the first shower out into the driveway, on one of the coldest days this month so far, and when the second one arrived, Shaun had me check it out and sure enough, there was a smaller crack in the replacement in around the same area. So now it’s going back, we’re running on day three of only having a bathtub in the house, and no ETA on a shower.

But when it finally gets in there, it’s gonna look great. I’ve been taking pictures, and if Todd can help me out, I’ll try posting them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sharp As A Needle, and Other Things

  1. Shame On You!!

    After years of dodging arrows, guns, lasers, blow darts and various other projectiles, you stand there and watch a needle drop into your foot!!

    Were you rolling your DEX to see if you could dodge or parry? 😉

    Decades of roll-playing, and this is what happens. You should have dodge is with a half-sommersault, while parrying the needle with the bottle in the other hand.


    I think you should have your dice bag taken away. 😉

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