Missing Bits

I’ve had a few things go missing … and it’s starting to bug me.

In order of least important to most important:

1) One of my purple-black, gold numbered dice. My d8, actually. Noticed this at the end of game night on Sunday, when I discovered the hole in the sandwich-sized ziplock bag I use to carry around sets.

2) Realized last night that my copy of Robin’s Laws of Good Game Mastering is missing. I’ve checked through my game books three times now, pulling out each one and looking for the slim publication, and finding nothing. I also realized that the four Dragon Magazines I had kept out of my entire collection, all dedicated to GM advice, are also missing. These mags may have been tossed when I received a copy of the Dragon Mag archive, but I wouldn’t even know where to start if I reinstalled the program. The Laws book, though, I am missing.

3) Most importantly, my ring and pendant. Both have amber as their stones. The ring is a simple silver with a round amber set in the center, very rustic looking, simple, and the pendant is a larger amber stone set into a silver sunburst. I had the latter on a silver chain that had another pendant, a gift from a friend. I haven’t had them since the move, making it three months at least since they’ve gone missing. I wanted to wear them for my staff party and it was then that I discovered they were gone. I’ve looked through all my regular hidy-holes for jewelry and turned up nothing.

The jewelry is especially important to me for two reasons; first, simply, because they are the only pieces I ever wear when I do wear jewelry, and secondly, I only ever wear them because they have some sentimental value. I bought the ring for myself at a Mining Trade Show in Toronto, and received the pendant as a gift from Marcia and Todd for my birthday. It was also the event where Todd and I came together.

And now they are gone. 😦

I can only think of a few possibilities. I may have worn them at the old apartment, put them somewhere where I shouldn’t have, and they got shuffled in the shuffle. I’m sure I had them with me in Aspen, so there is also the possibility that they got tucked into one of my travel bags and they are hidden in a small pocket, or that I lost them state-side.

I really, really hope that someday, I’ll just come across them out of the blue. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of so now it’s in the Universe’s hands.


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