After my fitzing, I got down to brass tacks. Owie. Anyways, I cleaned up my kitchen work table, sorted out the current mail into an organized mass, put on some cheddar bread into the bread machine, and then started going through my cooking magazines.

These come in two types: the first are magazines wholly devoted to cooking and food, with nary a page left to spare. I put them in order in the space for them on the kitchen shelf. The second type of magazine has a lot of lovely recipes, but they share pages with travel, social, style and other unnecessaries. These magazines get the scissor treatment, snipped up and the good parts kept in plastic condom sheets and then put into binders. I got through five magazines before Todd returned home.

Jack also disappeared for a couple of hours, scaring the crap out of me! I searched the house three times over, looking in every nook and cranny this place has. I grabbed my flashlight, I called his name, meowed, and phoned Todd in a panic. Then I went outside to search the grounds. I did find cat prints, but they looked fairly old – the snow had stopped by early morning, and most prints had a bit of snowdust in them. Still, I opened up the front and back doors (we have an enclosed porch on either end), thinking that if Jack was in the house, and he heard the door open, he would come to investigate. I was right, seeing him as I came in for the second time, standing by the door as if he’d been there the entire time. I’m still not sure where he secreted himself for that hour, but at least he wasn’t outside of the house. So, bonus. 🙂

Went out to get my Mom’s birthday present, and came home to cook a nice simple meal: steak, salad, fries and bread! Very quick, very yum. Now it’s Survivor, Apprentice, the Seinfeld special, and me tinkering with Moveable Type. I’m not looking to switch my journal over, but I am looking for a program that would allow me to write down my cooking notes, on whatever topic, in a format where I can categorize them, search them, and share them, I guess, if anyone’s interested. Still fiddling with the setting, and my brother was kind enough to hook me up and help me out. Thanks, Sam. 🙂


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