Procrastinating, sort of.

I’m fitzing around in my kitchen. Technically, I should be hauling out the cooking magazines, getting them on the shelf, and putting some paperwork away. However, after shoveling the driveway (welcome, winter) and getting the dishes into the dishwasher (how I love having that thing back in action), I’m sorta putting around now.

Not for lack of things I want to do. I’ll be hauling out my bread machine to make some cheddar bread for tonight’s dinner (steak, salad and frites), and I will get to work on this table. I like the table. It will be the semi-permenant home for my laptop and current work. I still want to get my filing cabinet down here, next to the table, but I’ll need Todd’s help for that, and I’ll need to move the litter box into the basement, and then move the cat food into the litterbox’s current location. Need a matt for it, though, and I could use some magazine folders. Mayhaps a trip tonight before or after dinner.

Tomorrow will be busy! We have many large parties for lunch tomorrow, and John has called me today to ask me to start an hour early tomorrow. And then a party that night. Very busy. But nice! It will go fast. Furiously fast. The weekend will be much the same; Christmas Party Season is upon us!

The house is mostly unpacked and feeling very much like our place. It sorta hits me, every now and then, that this place is actually ours. It seems impossible, and then it makes me feel giddy as I savor the thought.

And my wireless connection is jumpier than a cat with a piece of tape stuck to his fur. Hrm. I need to bug Todd about that, too.


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