Todd came home on Friday while I was at home (had a weird 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm shift), he said to call Val and ask to ‘get the paperwork started’. A definite jump forward! Todd was leaving for a golf tournament and would be gone the rest of the day. Val, meanwhile, wants us to put the offer in (as I do!) but we can’t get Todd into the office … and they are showing the house to two different people that day! But we make plans to do so Saturday, first thing.

Here’s the house info: It’s $72,900, four bedrooms, 1,200 square foot (had this wrong originally, but still huge for us!), large living room, clean and unblemished basement, miraculous kitchen considering the price range, deep tub, large back yard.

So, heh, Todd and I negotiate between ourselves what our initial offer would be: $67,500, on condition of financing, home inspection passing, and the new oil tank. We sign the papers and I head for work – that huge, pasta bar wedding! Todd calls around noonish; they’ve countered with same conditions, at $70,000. “What do you want to do,” he asks. “Take it!!!” “We’ll see.”

An hour later, as pastries arrive, Val and Todd are chasing me down in the golf club to get me to sign off the papers.

So, it’s done! We still have to secure financing (but we were already pre-approved for more than what our buying price is with the downpayment) and it has to pass the inspection. But … lookin’ great from our perspective!

Closing date is Nov. 15. If all goes well, we’ll be moved in by Dec 1st, and will have our first Christmas there.

PS: The pasta bar went extremely, fabulously well.


One thought on “SUCCESS!!

  1. Congratulations!!! I hope the inspection and financing go well and everything is perfect for you guys. You deserve it after waiting so patiently for the right place to come along!

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