The House

I think we’ve found one. And I think we’re letting it go.

It’s ironically enough right up the street from us. It’s $72,900, four bed rooms, 1,500 square foot, large living room, clean and unblemished basement, miraculous kitchen considering the price range, deep tub, large back yard.

The only ticker is that it’s oil heat, which is something of a concern. At best, we’re looking to have the tank holding the oil replaced (since it’s time), but that’s something that can be included in the offer. At worst (or should I say at whim), we can get natural gas installed.

And here’s where another ticker sets in: to have that kind of work done, you would have to place the order in now, or very close to now, to get it into the schedule before the frost comes. When I called the guy, he figured by the end of October they’d be stopping such work. He also figured $2500 to $4000 to get it in. Much cheaper, instead, to hold out a year with the oil (with a tank replacement cost of $1,500), and then maybe switch over in the following years (allowing us to save up for it).

Now, my understanding of this is that when you like a house, you place an offer, and negotiate back and forth. You put clauses in such as “on condition of financing” and “on condition of passing a house inspection”. If the house inspection muffs, for example, then you go back to the bargaining table – it’s exactly what happened to my parents when they bought their house. Something needed fixing, so they re-negotiated the offer (in their case, money was held back on the offer until the work was done to satisfaction). In the case of the oil tank, it would be a condition, that a new tank would have to be in place for the offer to go through.

But Todd’s doing it Todd’s way. And perhaps it’s right, but I’m sitting here at 4:00 in the morning, kinda freaking out and very mad. He’s gotten a rough quote on the oil, wants to bring a guy in from the gas folks to give us a proper quote (on something I don’t think is necessary), and he’s talking about testing the grounds for leaky oil (which … I would think would be the house inspector’s thing, and we can always call to verify). He read something on a government heating website that talked about oil spills, and the current owner being liable for any spill for all time past. Which, sure, find out I guess, but it looks like the tank was always inside, and again, would/could be a condition on the offer. Meanwhile, we still don’t have an offer in on the house. And meanwhile, again, they are showing the house this weekend.

I think this place is a steal at what their asking, and I feel like we’re watching it slip away. We had a huge fight about it last night, which left me crying and basically having to accept (as always) that he’s going to do this his way, come hell or high water. He says his wanting to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. To me, it seems like waiting for no real reason. There’s a chance the folks viewing this weekend won’t put an offer in. But there’s a chance they will. The sellers have had one spouse transfer to Niagara in May, and the other spouse commutes with the kids every weekend. They want to sell. If they get a fair offer, I’m sure they’ll take it. And at best, if we were to squeak an offer in, we’d be then competing, driving up the price and losing our sweet deal.

It’s like this opportunity is just sitting there, thpppting us, and we’re pissing it away. And I have no say in any of it. It seems so ass-backwards. You make the deal, with the conditions, and then see what happens. Val was even surprised when Todd called and asked about getting a guy in to estimate, before an offer was placed. I’m going mental, here.

It didn’t help that this news was coming on top of an absolutely atrocious and hideously stressful day at work (which is just a taste of what’s to come this Saturday). The only piece of sugar in all of this is the wonderful but totally inconsequential panacea, The Sims 2, came in a day early. I’ll probably end up playing it shortly if only to shut my fucking brain up. I’ve caught only four hours of sleep before being woken up by a coughing fit and then not being able to go back to sleep because all this nonsense is running through my head.

Que sera, sera, I know, and usually believe. But to loose it through inaction, ah, that will be bitter.

So I’m awake, but achingly tired. I want to do dishes, or similar busy work, but it would be too noisy, and would wake up Todd. I don’t even want to play the game just yet because I don’t want him thinking I’m up because of it. I’m upset – still upset – and see no relief on the horizon. It’s either going happen, or it’s not. And I’m terrible at waiting for the end.


2 thoughts on “The House

  1. Hey Sweetie,

    You do have a say in that house, considering your name will be on the mortgage just as much as his will be. I think you should call your estate agent and find out what a house inspector does actually inspect. Why waste both your time and money on something that you have to pay the inspector to do anyway?

    Also, there is no guarantee that the current owners will allow someone to sniff around when you didn’t even put an offer on the house, yet. Although I think a soil sample around the pipes outside the house would be a great idea (another condition of sale, perhaps)

    As for converting to natural gas…I say wait for the spring. Stick it out with the old oil tank for this winter and convert in the spring. The old tank currently gives you a bit of a bargaining chip, too if it will need to be replaced. Why replace it only to get rid of it later on?

    Step up Steph and get heard. It is just as much your money on the line as his.



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