A little house clarity …

We’ve just returned from viewing four houses. Went to see that one with the basement that needs to be repaired; terribly cute, but a lot of work to do. Another had a veritable jungle in the back, with the perennials that the bio boasted grown taller than a man and in need of a machete. Yet another was just too tiny, with a kitchen no bigger than a washroom and the tacks from the removed carpet still lining the walls and hallways like dungeon caltrops. And the fourth house was nice enough, but the current owners are in love with a deep, unforgiving pink as well as the house being right on a major thoroughfare that sees tons of heavy trucks and commuters every day.

And it occured to me when we got back to the apartment; I’m not looking to trade down. Our current place, while cramped for our needs, is still exceptionally cute and, save the bathroom, rather nice and clean and quiet. Plus, I’m close to downtown, the bus is right outside, and I can easily walk to a corner or grocery store. Any house we buy will have to be both larger and as cute or cuter than when we are now. Except for the basement problem house, every other place had a kitchen with less (some far less) cubbards than what I have now.

I asked Val whether or not we need to increase our price range. He very politely suggested that we might, since there is little sense in getting one of these cheaper homes that will need as much touching up (or outright repair) as they do instead of upping our search price by a little bit. He confirmed that I was right in thinking that the 80s range immediately jumps up the quality of houses – it seemed like that from the MLS listings.

However, we were approved for a more modest mortgage. That can change, tho’. Consolidate the credit lines to reduce the payments out. Every month we have a little more downpayment money, too. I’m happy that we saw as many houses as we did. It feels like we’re making progress, and I need to feel that every so often. 🙂


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