Bizarre Mail Packages

So, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever gotten in the mail?

For me, up until recently, it was a tie between Sailor Moon jello cups and a VCR cassette box filled with Pixi Stix. Both were sent by the same purpetrator as the new #1, my friend Michael, also known as copperain.

Well, he’s beaten his record: he has sent me Smoked Salmon by mail.

You can imagine my surprise, as I sat on the couch killing time before my bus to work, playing Zelda: The Wind Waker and minding my own business, when an authoritative knock pounds on the door, and I can hear footsteps running down the stairs. I head to the door, and find a package, the length of my arm, and the mail lady saying over her shoulder, “No postage due. Have a nice day!” And I open it, and it’s salmon! Lovely looking stuff, though I haven’t had the chance to cook with it.

Thank you, Mike!

In other news, work contines to be overloaded, and promises worse as one of the four of us goes on vacation for the next two and a half weeks. As buggered up as our schedules will be, it will be a break for us in a different way: a whole two plus weeks away from Mr. Bitter, or the Joy Sucker, as I like to think of him. You know the type: Nothing is every good (enough), nothing is enjoyable, everyone is trying to screw you, don’t bother trying, yada yada yada.

Gonna be an interesting two weeks!

But before that … tomorrow … it’s a day-long road trip to Toronto for the Comic/Anime/SciFi/Horror Expo! And Ikea! WOOT!


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