Recovering Insomniac

I’ve been trying to get some proper sleep lately, and as nice as the aformentioned new pillow is, these last few days have had me lying away in bed, tired as hell, and unable to sleep.

Saturday was a monstrous day … 9 am to 10 pm, with no break, to get the big wedding out the door. I didn’t sleep well that night, then had this uber-strong coffee Sunday that gave me a splitting headache. I then collapsed in bed for 2 and a half hours just sleeping in the middle of the afternoon. I hate doing that – I feel like I’ve wasted the day. And then last night, I lay there once more, trying to sleep, and not really falling off into a steady nap until 4ish in the morning. Napping is the devil. Always has been. So as tired as I am now, there’s no way I’m napping today. Must … get … sleep.

But I have had two days off in a row … a sweet surprise. Tho’ this week is going to continue being busy, with some 50 hours on the schedule, and then a full day on Sunday. *massages temples* Plus, we lost the new guy, Ray. He was ‘sick’ last week, as I’d mentioned, then called in sick for the Thursday shift. Then said he needed Friday off. He didn’t want to be working full time. And then he didn’t show for his Saturday shift. John just erased his name off the schedule. Are we just madmen (and women) for putting up with these crazy shifts? Or is it that he’s once again coming from a union background, and long hours and few breaks just don’t cut it? Or both? Regardless, we’re back down to the core four and with only a month to go before summer’s over, the odds of him hiring someone is pretty much next to nothing.

No matter how badly we need them. We are still in a position of having no room for people to take time off, for people to be sick, or anything. And we still have several large events coming up, including a wedding with a pasta bar for 400. (The insanity of it is too much to attempt verbalizing.) In keeping with ‘teh funney’, however, is Sunday’s buffet, being kept open for two or so extra hours because the bride and groom have both had their stomach stapled and they want the opportunity to eat everything. The irony of that is lost on a few at work, but we kitchen peeps got a good chuckle over it. (I’m sure they are lovely people, but this is the stuff comedy sketches are made of!)

Today is relaxation day. I’ve done the dishes and the laundry (work uniforms, what else?), going to make lunch for Todd, called the real estate agent and set up an appointment for tomorrow to discuss what we’re looking for, and set up my chicken marinating in a mixture of white wine, lemon juice, salt, pepper and fresh rosemary sprigs. Going to roast it and serve it with a risotto. Also need to get some groceries in during the evening. But between all that, this afternoon, I’m relaxing. Reading Seductions of Rice, will be taking notes on some library books, and … trying not to nap.

We’ll see how that goes. 😉


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