Lazy Sundays, Outrageousness, and 500 mLs

Just returned from seeing Farenheight 9/11. Great, great film. I’m mad as hell, I can’t believe how incestuous it all is, but glad I saw the movie. With as much excitement and dread as I had for our own national election, you can believe I will be watching, beer and popcorn in hand, for the upcoming American election. I will probably even ask for it off from work officially. It’s too important to miss.

And instead of lazily spending my Sunday morning in bed as Saturday had passed, I was up near the crack of dawn and could not get back to sleep. Two cats, a cooking magazine, and staring at Todd occupied the stillness of morning until we were both ready to get up and do our laundry. I swear that the folks at the local laundry mat probably get a good early morning show off the two of us in their camera-monitored facility.

Then errands. I’ve picked up the produce and equipment I need to make the jams – that’s tomorrow’s duty. There was some extra running around returning 250 mL jars when I discovered that another store carried the 500 mL, which will (I believe) fit into my canning pot, whereas the full litre jars won’t. I even have extra jars – I have some sour cherries from my mother that I plan to make a marmalade with. Who knows, this may end up starting something a little fun on the side. Most of the jams I’ve seen in the farmer’s market are the basic variety, but there are dozens of recipes for spiffy stuff I want to try. Something beyond just strawberry or blueberry or whathaveyou. Is blueberry popular elsewhere? It’s kind of big in northern Ontario, mostly ’cause we’re hip deep in the stuff. I wonder if outside of northern Ontario, or Ontario, or Canada, if blueberries are as omnipresent.

Anyway … good movie. I’ve finished Card’s Enchantment book, and I am now onto the second of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Love it! I haven’t enjoyed a series this much since the Fire and Ice saga of George R.R. Martin (and I’m looking forward to Feast of Crows, whenever it makes it onto shelves).

This week upcoming should be interesting. I’ll be working upwards of 50 hours, if not more. It’s our Men’s Invitational, and our biggest event will find us feeding 375 guests. Not a lot, but for four of us plus John, enough. I’m even trying to rope Brent into giving us a hand on the weekend. Pray for Mojo!


One thought on “Lazy Sundays, Outrageousness, and 500 mLs

  1. Saw it this weekend – it was okay – but I was disappointed that except for some details about the coup of 2000 (oops! I meant, election) there was nothing I didn’t already know about.

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