Letter Writing

Today, as I enjoy a sudden afternoon off as a result of the one dead day at work thanks to all the rain yesterday, I’m catching up on some correspondence. I’ve received postcards from two mates who’ve gone off to New Brunswick to work at the Algonquin. And I’ve been very bad about writing back to them. Like, haven’t yet.

So today, I am.

Been CRAZY at work. Mucho crazy. My average shift is ten hours, either straight or split in half with a three hour or less break in between. Some days are twelve hours. A few nice days are only eight hours. This weekend was CRAZY. Two of us for a wedding on Saturday. Three for Sunday’s wedding filled with endless finicky stuff. And I could not do anything to save my life yesterday – dropped things on the floor (a half plate of deviled eggs), dropped things on me (a pitcher of Coke that soaked me from the waist down), bumped into everything, going CRAZY. I worked 22 of the last 48 hours.

Did I mention CRAZY enough?

So, this afternoon I’m off, and all of tomorrow. I need the break.


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