Three Days of Rest

And they went by so quickly, but god they were wonderful.

Friday I spent doing housework in the morning, vacuuming, dishes, putting things away. Then I walked over to see Brad and Paula at Comics North, chatted a good long while, and then returned home with goodies for lunch. I’m starting to vaguely dislike my kitchen. It was small, and I knew that going into it that it would be one of the sacrifices, but boy does it feel claustrophobic at times. Add to that no counter or table space at the height I’m accustomed to, and I find myself dropping things, burying things, pushing them off the table … basically making a mess. I’m quite spoiled by a restaurant kitchen.

Then Todd called me over to his work to stuff envelopes. It took us an hour and a half. Then off to the mall for miscellaneous shopping! Our purchase from the guilt free coin jar was an old fashioned popcorn pot, the kind you put on the element, with a turning crank to rotate the kernals. Then we waffled for a half hour for about seeing Troy. Turns out our waffle was right. If they had lingered on the naked Brad Pitt a little more often, I might not have been so bored. Those sex scenes were the best part and far too brief.

Saturday was the service for Todd’s Great Uncle, the whole reason I had asked for Saturday off. It was a beautiful day, and even though we went to the wrong graveyard (but so did a few others), the service was beautiful too. He sounded like a laid back, funny guy, who was much loved by his family and adopted kids. Then we went to the golf course for the luncheon, a simple sandwich, soup and salad affair. That night we got together with friends of ours for a casual BBQ at their place.

Today, laundry at the laundry mat, where we brought my laptop and popped some Samurai Jack DVDs into it and whiled away the hour and a half. Lounged for the afternoon, trying to catch up on our sleep, and then a second BBQ, this time at our parents, where I got to cook. Nothing more twitch-inflicting than watching someone else cook for me. Drives me bananas! šŸ™‚

Now, just kicking back, playing with this new music downloader program, but it will probably return to my beloved Sims and putter away the rest of the night. I’ll be in overtime next week, so updates may be sparse.


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