Freshening Up

I’ve really missed having the subject lines – a little something punchy to start off an entry. So I’ve switched around my style in order to get them back. While I’m not pleased with how narrow the window is for the entries, it will do. Tho’ if anyone knows of a way to fix it, please drop me a note. πŸ™‚

Work’s been steady. I had two weeks in a row of nothing but killer split shifts (9 AM to 9 PM or later, with three hours off inbetween), but then I had this entire weekend off. Todd and I went to see Shrek 2 (good movie made great by Puss in Boots!), did some shopping, some TV watching, and various activities.

I actually made some jam, though I bungled the proportions and now I’ll have to uncan it and reboil it to get it to the right consistancy. I don’t like the fact that the pectin-dependent recipes have the pectin in portions set for large batches. While I might be able to portion out the powder, I’d not be able to do that with the liquid stuff. As I recall, we didn’t use pectin at Deerhurst – I need to hunt up the book that we used (I have it written down somewhere), and possibly scrap the Bernardin recipe book. Or at least be more careful. I’m trying to understand how the powder is significantly different from the dry, but I’ve come up empty. Going to go web surfing when I get the chance. Anywho, my first batch was a rhubarb-strawberry combo that’s fantastic … but too liquidy. But the flavor is soooo good. I’m pleased with it, even if it needs to get fixed.

The house feels like our home, though occasionally it can feel a little small. It was good to get out over the weekend, stretch our legs and see people. Had breakfast with Jim, and Lee & Shelly & offspring (cute buggers), which was nice and relaxing. Moved the absolute last things out of the apartment – namely the dishwasher and bikes. So, it’s empty, but we haven’t heard from Stu (typical), so we can only guess if they’ve rented the apartment. I would think that if he hadn’t, he’d be more in touch, looking for another month’s rent … unless maybe he’s not going to charge us. I know, not likely.

Shit, that’s right! I just remembered that Todd’s going to be late tonight, possibly two hours. Not that I had started dinner or anything, so no loss. But I have to amuse myself a bit longer.

Edit: Turns out, he’s going to do the extra work tomorrow night, which suits me fine since I’ll be at work. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Freshening Up

  1. Jammy Jamms

    I tried making raspberry jam last summer, but I just used the fruit/sugar method (no pectin) I guess I didn’t boil it long enough because while it thickened up, it never set. So I starting giving it away as Ice Cream Toppings. πŸ˜‰ Tasted fan-freakin-tastic!!!

    Just a tip, there kiddies!!

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