Basking in Cuteness

Well, it’s finally over – after having the keys for two weeks, and spending the lost week moving over everything from the old place (and throwing out lots), we’re finally done. The last thing to be moved were the plants, which, despite about a week of no attention from me, haven’t looked better. I thought my parsley had gone to seed two weeks ago, but it turns out it was my cilantro (which, as I read this morning, they will do as soon as it’s 21 degrees, so next time I pinch off the funny stemps). Of course, when I bought my rosemary bush yesterday, I bought a replacement parsley, too, not yet knowing. Now I have two parsleys. πŸ˜‰

I’m on a series of hideous splits all week, save Friday that I have off, and all weekend. Bleh.

The only things left to do in the new apartment is the reorganizing of the cook shelf and a finishing of the tinkering of where my dishwear is. Other than that, we’re pretty much set!

And it’s still a damn cute apartment. πŸ˜‰


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