Various Degrees of Freshness

So I’m sitting around, waiting to go back to work for three more hours (5:00 pm to 8:00 pm), and then home for some quality (‘fresh’) Angel, and whatever end bits of Smallville I see when I get home.

Todd and I have had two very weird and identical reactions to the new apartment.

The first, and the mostly weird one, was that we both thought the hallway from the entrance to the bedroom and hall to the living room was twice as long as it actually is. After we took the apartment and went to pick up the keys, we were both shocked by how short it was. Heh.

The second, the not so weird one, is that we both feel this new place is more ‘us’ than our current apartment. When we took this place, it was a very instantaneous, no-shopping around, save-our-sanity, BOOM took it sort of event. This time we really went looking, really shopped around and weighed the pros and cons. This one was it, almost the moment we saw it.

Tomorrow Kyle is going to be coming over with his car, and we’ll be ferrying over boxes for the day. I also need to get him a little something-something for his birthday. And I shouldn’t have snacked on all that pop and chips during my break this afternoon … my stomach is all googly. :p


One thought on “Various Degrees of Freshness

  1. We’re losing Angel! That sucks! First Roswell, then Buffy, now Angel and Friends. TV will soon have nothing of interest for me! 😦

    Well, except for Fear Factor and Las Vegas!

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