Being sick on a day off really bites …

I was pretty violently ill last night, much to my surprise and horror. I was going to head into town and write my Driver’s Licence test, but that’s been kiboshed until Thursday. It’s just the written, and I’ve only picked up the book again yesterday, after so long, so in retrospect, it’s probably a good thing that I’m not running off unprepared.

I’m also calling my contact at the Cancer Centre for clarification on my synthyroid medication – got a renewal from my family doctor, not the centre, and he’s reduced my dosage and only given me a 3 month supply. I was stalling, worried that maybe I am too high and that I was only so tired on it the first time around because I was in school full time and working. But I only have two of my .15 pills left, and I’m getting skittish in the other direction. I called and left a message.

Sunday was a rush. A 14 hour shift, 7 am right up until 9 pm. We would have been out earlier, except for the one table that booked for 7 pm, and didn’t even approach the buffet until 7:40, and continued to drag the evening out, just the four of them, for another hour. And meanwhile, Nut #2 finally blew her top – but at Mark, not John. She said that Mark had corrected her crepes suzanne technique in front of customers, which he did not do, and then she proceeded in the kitchen to start loudly declaring, “I’m not going to be part of your little games, blahblahblah.” Mark was in one of his moods, so he found this hilariously funny, as we all kinda did, but we’re starting to wonder if she’s going to last. Anita’s not even sure if Norma will be here when she’s back from holidays (she leaves for 2 weeks this Friday). To be sure, when Norma finally blows up with Jon, it’s going to be spectacular. She’s used to doing what she wants and saying what she wants (she’s been at the Uni kitchen and union for years) and that’s just not how it works here.

Also, Phillip came up to me on Sunday demanding (playfully) to know why I hadn’t told him I knew Brandon, one of the guys I went to school with who went to Rocky Crest resort for the summer. They’re like best buds, and they didn’t know that they both knew me. And Brandon thought that my nickname for Phil, ‘Sassy’ was cute. 😉 Brandon’s apparently thinking of applying to work at the Idlewylde, and Phil said, “The three of us would have too much fun together here.” HEE! Lord knows we need the extra kitchen help!

Today: home (my day off), but sick, some gaming stuff, and gaming tonight. Tomorrow it’s Todd’s birthday and I have the night off (but work in the morning) – to make ribs!


2 thoughts on “Being sick on a day off really bites …

  1. Sick Sucks…

    I hate being sick. You never said if were sick from a cold/flu thingy or it it was the change in meds that did it.

    Either way, I hope you feel better soon.



    1. Re: Sick Sucks…

      Erg, it’s, you know, when I’m sick. Like, that way. The bathroom figures heavily into it, as well as hideous cramps and occasionally, as in this example, vomiting.

      I need, like, a word or something, so I can say it and then not be embarassed. 😉

      But speaking of the meds … new post a’comin.

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