Home again after a short shift and three days off. I was supposed to work four days, but when I went in, I discovered that since the event for the weekend was canceled, so were two of my shifts. So, I’m off again for two days until Sunday brunch.

Been pretty lazy lately. Not working has sucked away some of my energy, and I think I really have to start standardizing when I take my synthyroid. Today I thought I would be going in with Todd to work, but the weather was warm and I decided not to be lazy, so I hit the snooze button and stayed in bed a while longer. Now, lately, I’ve been having a hard time waking up in the morning. I used to be a crack of dawn type, always up and alert. Now, not so much. I can easily sleep in until nine, which is atrocious, IMO. But today, since I didn’t want to forget, when I was up shortly after six, I popped the synthyroid, and I found my self naturally awake a little after seven to seven thirty. So, for the next week, I’m going to take the pill regularly at 6:00 and see if I notice any change in my general alterness and wakefulness in the morning.

Soon, in a week, I’ll be preparing for my trip. There’s a big bonspeil on both weekends I’m away (while I am technically not paying for the trip, the trip is costing me a mint in what I will lose by not being at work), so I will likely be working something Friday night, and if I am lucky, a shift here or there in the week. John made a production of going through the reservation book to see what was coming up during my time off, and of course Mark is also asking for the weekend off when I will be out of town. Grr. I can’t help it.

I really don’t like the way he talks to me. John, that is. I don’t know, maybe I really am dense and do suck, but he’ll say these snippy little things, as if I am clueless. He had Mark in this morning for the open to ‘train me’. I know what he wants to do, and I am doing my best to get it all done, but I won’t go into another rant about that. Today it was food cost. “Did you not take any in school?” Yes, John. (I had one of the highest marks in the class.) “Well, we’ve got to get that in your head.” Yes, John. (Those four extra fries will really kill our food cost and I’m sorry for working on the other chits before yours, even though yours came after these ones.) This little nitpick shit. And then at other times, all comraderie. I watched Mark do the open and he does exactly all the same stuff that I do: unlock everything, call in the produce order, get the hot on, do the emergency stuff first, fridge at a time, check all the meats and then the rest. Nothing I don’t do every other day. We were also blessed that it was so dead last night that they actually did a little prep at night, so it wasn’t so bad. Plus, there was two of us. Mark couldn’t believe that he was in to train me. James (Deerhurst) was never this condescending or power-tripping.

I’m keeping my eye open on the job front. Searching the databanks on the federal service sites, but I’m also tempted to walk down the street and ask the guy at Gloria’s Restaurant if he needs any help. Plus, Suzanne is pushing me to work at the race-track. If I had my license, it would be doable. *sigh* But that’s gonna have to wait until March. Again.


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