Today was harder, giving him the needle. I’ve spent the morning researching feline diabetes, and apparently it’s easier for some owners to give the shot while the cat is eating, so I may try that tomorrow. I’m also trying to see if there is a dry diabetic forumla out there. I even found a support board, so here’s hoping that it turns up some information.

Because yesterday was the first day of shots, I was late for school. I felt kind of out of the loop coming in almost an hour and a half late. Suzanne had partnered up with me, and was well on her way to having it all done without me. However, our aspic turned out funny and I suspect that she got the numbers wrong for the recipe. I didn’t get to make the chaud froid or the aspic. She ended up having to add additional roux to thicken her white bechamel chaud froid, while my tomato one finally came together.

I also had design issues. I crafted a nice little ladybug surrounded by a wreath of parsley, but it was a little too large for the piece of chicken that we had, once cooked, and while aspicing, the parsley fell on one side. Eh. It felt like I hadn’t had total control over the whole process, and the photocopied notes, plus Suzanne’s less that accurate english, complicated things.

But the real highlight of the night, for me, anyways, was getting to make the infused oils and vinegars. I got to prep both, as Suzanne was trying to rescue the white chaud froid. I made first a cinnamin/nutmeg oil with a sunflower oil base, and then I got to make a citrus oil with orange and lemon. The cinnamin one especially smelled so incredible! We also got to taste a variety of oils and vinegars that we had in stock. Nifty!


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